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Plastic Drip Trays

plastic drip tray
Plastic Drip Trays, Large Drip Pans, & Flat Trays for industrial and home use.

  • 15 Sizes of drip trays are normally in stock.

Applications include machine trays, refrigerator trays, pet trays, plant trays, and for use as machine covers. If the proper size is not available custom sizes are available for commercial applications with low cost tooling.

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Our plastic drip trays are heavy duty built for industrial applications.  A typical application is at hotels where drip pans are used as refrigerator trays preventing carpets from getting wet and ruined. Other industrial applications include machine trays, or part handling trays where a flat tray is appropriate.  Trays are sturdy built from ABS plastic; which has high impact strength and good chemical resistance. For industrial applications custom plastic drip trays can be manufactured with minimal tool cost.

HOME applications include refrigerator drip trays, pet trays, and plant trays. This plastic pan protects carpets and wood floors from damage.  Contact us for a price quote or more information.