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ESD Hinged Plastic Boxes

ESD Hinged Plastic Boxes

MATERIAL: ESD Hinged Plastic Boxes made from black conductive plastic.

HINGE: Strong hinges significantly stronger than most plastic boxes on the market. Request sample for testing.

CLASP: Durable Clasp for confident fastening.

  • Thicker outer walls made for reusable applications.
  • Multiple Sizes as shown in included product pages.
  • Custom Foam tray Inserts made to fit for $ 95 NRE.
  • Custom Thermoform tray inserts can be formed to fit your parts.

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Foam Insert Trays with custom cavities made to fit ESD Plastic Hinged Boxes above: only $ 95 NRE.  Contact Us for more information or view link: HINGED BOX CUSTOM FOAM INSERT.

Foam Tray Insert for Plastic ESD Box

Plastic thermoform insert trays with custom cavity sizes made to fit ESD Plastic Hinged Boxes above. Contact Us for more information or see link: HINGED BOX CUSTOM PLASTIC TRAY.

Plastic Insert Tray for ESD Plastic Box