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ESD Bins & ESD Totes -Anti-Static Containers – ESD Plastic Trays

ESD Bins are available IN-STOCK.  The containers in this category are heavy duty and reusable with a load capacity of 40 lbs.  ESD Bins stack with our without lids. ESD Dividers can be used with these ESD Totes on 1.25″ centers; or anti-static containers can be used as a kit with anti-static or conductive trays.  Trays are offered as stock items for certain bins or can be made custom out of plastic or foam. 14.5″ X 9″ is the common stock size for insert trays. ESD Containers have two Lids; available in two different styles. One ESD lid style fits inside bin on ledge. The second ESD lid style goes over the top around perimeter and snaps.

NEED HELP choosing the proper bin and insert option? Customer service is a high priority at ECP Tray. CONTACT US for help choosing the correct bin, help with setting up dividers or help reviewing the stock insert trays available.  Customer support is available during normal business hours EST.


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ESD Insert Trays fit in the Medium Size ESD Bins above.

Alternate ESD Bin Option – Run To Order Bin Sizes(largest selection) – This group of bins can be run in anti-static blue or in conductive black HDPE Material.  Contact Us for details.

ESD Bin – Divider Insert Options

  1. Leave area open.  Bottom of bin will be 14.7″ X 9.1″ X 3.4″ tall.
  2. Add ESD dividers on 1.25″ centers.  Bin has 11 slots on long side for short dividers and 7 slots on short side for long dividers.
  3. Add a foam insert tray which can be made from several materials including 2# pink polyethylene foam, polyurethane foam, and conductive black foam. $95 NRE for custom cavity sizes.
  4. Add a custom plastic ESD tray.  Materials stocked include conductive styrene, anti-static PVC, anti-static PETG, and inherently dissipative PETG.
  5. Add a stock plastic ESD insert tray.  See LINK for details.  Only available on medium bins.