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ESD Trays

ESD Trays are stock and include anti-static and conductive options. ESD-Safe Trays are used for packaging, shipping, and storage of small electronic parts, circuit boards, pcb, pcba, & electronic components.  Stock plastic materials with no minimum purchase include PETG Anti-Static Clear, Conductive Styrene Black, and PVC Anti-Static Clear.

Custom Options:
Custom ESD Trays are available at affordable prices with low cost tooling. Contact Us  for more information. View our Design Guide for custom ESD Tray information.  The guide includes a description of ESD-safe materials including antistatic, static dissipative, and conductive options.


  • ESD Bins(reusable) – stock & ship in 2-3 days ARO.
  • Small Cavity Plastic Trays(ESD) – stock and ship in 2-3 days ARO.
  • Anti Static Small Parts Trays(for shipping) –  Run to Order 4-5 weeks.
  • Conductive Storage Trays(reusable cavity trays) – stock: 1 week ARO.
  • Clear Insert Trays(reusable for bins) – stock & ship 1 week ARO.

RELATED PRODUCTS – (Download Product Guide for ESD Trays.pdf)

Shipping Trays –  anti-static PVC and Anti-static PETG

Foam Trays – pink anti-static foam  / conductive black foam

Rectangular Cavity Reusable Trays – blue anti-static / black conductive HDPE

Plastic Inspection Trays – blue anti-static / black conductive HDPE

LIVE SUPPORT.  Need help finding the right product?

A customer service representative can help guide you through our esd stock tray catalog and send suggestions or arrange samples. Many of the electronic shipping trays can ship in 1-2 days.  Many other cavity options are run to order with no tooling.  Most trays in the catalog can be run in a number of material options including conductive materials, anti-static materials and static dissipative materials. Many options may not be in the catalog. At ECP we are happy to support your esd safe packaging search. Call us or email for a timely response to your request.