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Custom Foam Packaging Inserts

Custom Foam Insert Trays


  1. Free quote. This involves a review of the application, key design requirements, and tray function. Specific design process will be noted in estimate.  CALL, EMAIL, OR FILL OUT QUOTE REQUEST.
  2. With PO, drawing is created for approval. This step helps insure the tray meets expectations and serves as an opportunity to make adjustments and or changes to design.
  3. Mini Cavity Sample. We build a tray with only a few cavities in most custom tray projects. This is a good and inexpensive test of part-cavity fit, and stacking. Changes can be made after this step.
  4. Full size prototype. This step can be added if any specifications require a full size tray for package testing or for evaluation.
  5. Production Tooling is built and first article submitted for final approval.  Low tooling costs with custom foam trays from $ 90.



Custom Foam Insert Example 1 – Foam insert tray for hinged plastic box)



Foam Insert Tray Custom Tooling is $95 for trays; any standard geometric cavity size and shape.  Contact Us for a quote.  Speak with a customer service representative or fill out the quote request form(link at top of page).


Foam Insert Tray

Custom Foam Insert Example 2 – Custom Foam Anti Static Tray

Foam Materials

Click link for info:  FOAM MATERIALS LINK



Visual Comparison for foam material types

Custom Foam Tray Lead Time

Timing for a new custom foam tray is generally between 1 and 3 weeks.  Repeat orders between 1 and 2 weeks.