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Shipping Trays

Stock Shipping Trays:

  • Clear Plastic Shipping Trays, Small Cavity Trays, and TY Series Trays are generally in stock.
  • Foam Trays 1-2 weeks ARO.
  • Lids available For Plastic Shipping Trays – see product page for details.

Custom Plastic Trays | Packaging Engineering:
Engineered Components & Packaging offers the largest selection of small parts trays including clear plastic trays. If you don’t see one that fits, we build custom trays with low cost tooling.


Quick Reference Guides – LINKS Below:

Clear Plastic Trays for 12″ X 12″ Standard Box (shipping trays).

Quick Reference Guide to Small Cavity Trays (shipping trays).

Plastic Bin Clear Plastic Insert Trays (storage and returnable shipments).